Trip Idea: Rap Around Algonquin Park Tour 

One of the great snowmobiling loops in the province
Close to:
Voyageur Country

Voyageur Country is ideally situated along the tour, and serves as the perfect spot to spend the night, have a meal or to stretch out your trip by exploring some other local attraction or local club trails (Bonfield and Mattawa Clubs). 


The Rap Tour: The Tour route was laid out in 1994 and masses of snowmobilers,began riding it in 1995. The basic loop around the perimeter of Ontario's vast Algonquin Provincial Park is a daunting 600 miles long but it can be completed very easily in four days.


The RAP tour showcases the best of Ontario snowmobiling in one remarkable circle tour Round Algonquin Park. Snowmobiling through OFSC Districts 6, 7 and 11, riders will experience incredible trails on an exciting mix of utility corridors, abandoned rail lines and old logging roads, plus sledding through the extensive forests of the rugged Canadian Shield. RAP will even take you on the only snowmobile trail through the world famous Algonquin Park! 


RAP is perfect for…

 Seniors, families and couples wanting to “stop and smell the roses” during a leisurely 5 to 7-day getaway that is memorable and secure. Guided or customized tours can be arranged on request.

Touring riders looking for an exciting 3 to 5-day self-guided adventure that consistently delivers the best snowmobiling in Ontario.

High-Milers out to rack up maximum kilometres over an exciting long weekend on Ontario's premier  trails.

RAP is a tour designed by snowmobilers for snowmobilers. So you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of. RAP provides three levels of trail guides: the OFSC Provincial Snowmobile Trail Guide for big picture overview, the trail guides of District 6, 7 and 11 for regional details and contacts and a special RAP guide so you can see your entire tour on one pocket sized sheet. All trails on this tour are clearly marked with special RAP signage and major intersections have “You Are Here“ RAP signs.

It doesn't get any better than Ontario's RAP tour, so why take a chance with your precious snowmobiling vacation? You'll be grinning from ear to ear every day and head home with a head full of amazing memories. Best of all, you will want to Ride the RAP again and again. Check it out this winter!


  • Ontario's Premier Snowmobile Tour Route