Trip Idea: Cycling on Scenic Highway 630 

Cycling tips for Highway 630
Spring, Summer & Fall
Close to:
Mattawa Country

The route begins at Highway 17 between North Bay and Mattawa near the Western boundary of Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park. A 30 km one way trip brings you to the north end of Algonquin Park at Kiosk access point. Algonquin North Wilderness Outfitters is located at the corner of Highway 17 and Highway 630. Stop in to have a look at the authentic native arts and crafts and pick up the Experience Route 630 interpretive map and guide.  

Monarch Rise B&B is a cozy, bike friendly accomodation option located right at the corner of Highways 17 and 630

The following route details are from the Experience Route 630 guide map availble at the Mattawa Information Centre and at Algonquin North Outfitters (corner of Hwy 630 and Hwy 17).

Twin bridges: Km 1.4 

Follow the winding road and let it lead you to two bridges where the Amble Du Fond River flows from Smith Lake to Crooked Chute Lake. The two bridges converge on a small island with a walking path on the east side of the road offering many different view points of the river splitting and cascading down two small water falls before joining once again on the far side of the island.

Maxwell Pottery: Km 1.6

Highway 630 continues on leading you past Maxwell Pottery, a 3000 square foot studio and gallery, where you can experience the process and admire results of Daniel and Jodi Maxwell's impeccable craftsmanship, bright colours and unique designs.Established in 1991 by Canadian potter Daniel Maxwell and his wife Jodi, Maxwell Pottery produces a wide variety of decorative, functional stoneware. Each piece starts as a ball of clay. Using strong stoneware all work is made on the pottery wheel or hand built. With his own recipe of glaze colours, Daniel hand paints each pot in one of his many unique designs.

Follow the highway south towards Algonquin Park. Keep an eye out for moose and other wildlife along the way.

Claires Kitchen: Km 10

Claires Kitchen awaits the hungry traveler and satisfies many cravings. Enjoy fresh baked pies, homemade jams, butter tarts and fudge among other delights.

Algonquin Park Boundary: Km 25.9 

Algonquin Provincial Park is renowned for the thousands of lakes, wildlife, forested hills and rocky ridges throughout this vast wilderness park. The interior of Algonquin Park can only be explored by canoe or on foot. Highway 630 offers a sneak peak into this magnificent area.

Lake Kioshkokwi Algonquin Park Access Point: Km 30 

Enjoy the view across this large lake into the dense wilderness of Algonquin Park. This sight offers a sense of wonder and mystery as you gaze across to densely forested hills hinting at the wilderness beyond.