Trip Idea: Snowmobiling in Voyageur Country 

Mattawa Voyageau Country is home to hundreds of kilometres of world class groomed snowmobile trails.

Mattawa Voyageaur Country is home to hundreds of kilometres of world class groomed snowmobile trails. A short drive from Ottawa and Toronto, escape to the un-crowded trails of Ontario's Near North. Need more convincing, take a read of one of the many articles or watch one of the many videos that have been produced on the regions trails! 

Craig Nicholson, The Intrepid Snowmobiler Artilce "Snowmobilers that visit the area (part of OFSC District 11) for the first time quickly discover what a jewel it really is, replete with exciting, varied and scenic riding. The area trails are a good mix of TOP (Trans Ontario Provincial) and club trails, differentiated by trail number, but equal in trail quality. In fact, some of the most interesting exploring can be found on their less travelled club trails."

Bill Steer - Three Lookouts Article - "When you are riding the snowmobile trails, to these three expansive lookouts, you are discovering more than just a Northeastern Ontario legend. There are reasons for it beyond the good days you are having within the Mattawa-Bonfield area."

Lucas Cooney - Article - "Beyond all the amenities, the trails here are just plain fun. We didn’t spend much time going in a straight line. Instead, we were sweeping left and right and enjoying elevation changes all day. You simply can’t get bored riding these trails."

John Arkwright - Supertrax Magizein  "Every imaginable type of trail is found on this circuit: Rail and hydro lines, abandoned logging roads and, on the north side of this tour from Pettawawa to Mattawa, you’ll ride on a pipeline that offers an experience you’ll talk about for years. "

Cortney  - KLiM Technical Riding Gear  Article  - " Getting out on the sleds was a blast, nothing like I had ever experienced out west in the states. The rise and slide of each rolling hill, winding through the forest trees, the exceptional amount of snow, the perfectly groomed trail system and flying at high speeds across a network of lakes; I often laughed out loud (inside my helmet), asking myself, am I seriously here on business. 

As a cameraman I would look around me along the trail, in the thick forests, while I set up my tripod and equipment, thinking I had stepped into C.S.Lewis; wintery world of Narnia., it was something only the eyes could truly appreciate. I just hope I was able to capture at least a glimpse on cam what I experienced in person!

 I loved my trip to Ontario and hope to return someday. Until then, at least I have the memories, the footage and the pictures to reminisce over. My wife hears about it each day!"

Rick & Marini - All Roads lead to Bonfield Article "Our feature stop for the day was the Mica Mine located where the NBSC and Mattawa S.C. trails intersect. This hidden gem is definitely worth peeking in to. Bring a flashlight!  & "Our off-trail tour led us down snow-covered forestry access roads and an old abandoned rail-bed. Deer sightings were plentiful, however not so for the elusive moose. Their tracks were everywhere. We knew they were just behind cover watching us as we rode by, but we couldn't see them."

 Jess Kline - Article  "Being from Southern Ontario, it’s a bit of a trek to head up north. The gas, the time off work, the packing… Trust me, I get it. But the thing is, it’s worth the drive!" & "We jumped on the sleds again, and rode through some more Ontario Snow Trails – and I thought to myself – “I get it” – I get why these are the some of the best snowmobile trails in the world. Nothing can match the beauty of the sparkling snow, the winding landscape, the trees, and that fresh, clean smell. You know, that smell that they try to capture in a bottle of laundry detergent? It doesn’t even compare to being there in the flesh. I looked around, nodded to myself, and thought, now this is Backwoods Ontario. And in true Backwoods Girl style, I was here, on a sled, and in my glory."

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Mattawa & Area Snowmobiling Club

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