Public Washrooms in Voyageur Country 

A list of public washrooms
Close to:
Mattawa Voyageur Country

Mattawa, ON
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A. Pimisi Bay Rest Area, Rutherglen                                                                                                                                             


Off Highway 17, between Rutherglen and the Highway 630 turn off to Kiosk.

Seasonal only


B. Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area, Calvin

At the Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area trail-head. The trail-head is at the end of Graham Road, leading off Peddlers Drive.

Seasonal only


C. Voyageur Museum, Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park

The entrance to Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park is off Highway 17. The Voyageur Museum is a short distance into the park, just before the park office booth.

Seasonal only


D. Mattawa Travel Information Centre, Mattawa

Public washrooms open year round during office hours. 

Mattawa Travel Information Centre is on Highway 17 in Mattawa, on the corner of McConnell Street and Valois Drive.


E. Kiosk Campground, Algonquin Park

Kiosk campground is at the end of Highway 630 in Algonquin Provincial Park. It is approximately30km from the Highway 630 turn off from Highway 17.

Seasonal only


Don't forget, many of the local businesses also have washrooms for the use of patrons.