Public Parks in Voyageur Country 

List of public parks in Voyageur Country
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Mattawa Voyageur Country

Algonquin Provincial Park consists of 765,345 ha of maple hills, rocky ridges and thousands of lakes.  

The northern part of the park accessible from Mattawa Voyageur Country is much wilder and less developed than the southern section of the park. It is a paddler's paradise of pristine waterways and wilderness areas where you can get away from the crowds.

There are two main access points to Northern Algonquin Park, Kiosk and Brent.

Kiosk is at the end of Highway 630  (off Highway 17 between Mattawa and North Bay). Brent is reached by taking Brent Road, off Highway 17 between Mattawa and Deux Rivieres, The Brent Road turning is 30Km from Mattawa.

The park charges a fee for entrance.                                                                                                                              

 Explorers' Point Park is a triangle of green space jutting into the Ottawa River where the Mattawa River joins the Ottawa.

The park is one of Mattawa's most scenic spots. It offers spectacular views, picnic areas, ample parking close to Mattawa's main street with its quaint shops and restaurants, as well as a public boat launch.

The point is also home to the Mattawa Museum and hosts the awesome 17 foot tall, wooden statue of Big Joe Mufferaw, one of Mattawa's legendary figures.                                                                                                               Kaibuskong Park is a municipal park, located at 365 Highway 531,adjacent to the Bonfield Township Municipal Office. 

The park has a public beach, picnic area, playground equipment and space for group sports.


Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park located in Calvin Tp. has 2,550 ha of rivers, lakes, forests and rugged hiking trails. You can camp, swim, paddle, hike, view wildlife, enjoy interpretive nature tours, as well as voyageur canoe tours on scenic Moore Lake.

The entrance to the park is 15Km west of the town of Mattawa on Highway 17.

The park charges a fee for entrance.

Centennial Park: This park on Mark Street in Bonfield, adjacent to picturesque Lake Nosbonsing, has a beach, picnic area, boardwalk, play equipment and a large play area.                                                                                             Eau Claire Gorge Conservation Area features a spectacular waterfall where the Amable du Fond River thunders down between steep, rock walls.

A 1.9 km (1.2 mile) interpretive trail details the area's rich logging history. The trail runs through mixed forests and alongside the Amable du Fond River.

The trail-head is at the end of Graham Road, off Peddlers Drive in Calvin.                                                                        

Lion's Park offers amazing views both up and down the Ottawa River.

The park is an area of recreational, green space with a picnic area and is on Ottawa Street, in Mattawa. The park is located on the elbow bend where Ottawa Street turns south to join Valois Drive.                                        

Explore natural areas and enjoy wildflowers and bird-life while still in the heart of Mattawa at Mattawa Island Conservation Area.

This is also an ideal spot for families to spend an afternoon picnicking, swimming and lying on the beach or playing on the tennis and volley ball courts. 

Mattawa Island is a small island in the mouth of the Mattawa River, situated just before the river passes under the two bridges and joins up with the Ottawa River. The causeway entrance to the island is located off Bissett Street in Mattawa. 

Stroll along by the lazy Mattawa River or just sit and watch the river and the boats go by.

Mattawan Park has a fine boardwalk and several picnic areas. You can also swim at Fraggle Rock beach, which is at the end of the boardwalk.

To find Mattawan Park go down Mattawa's main street (Monestime Way) toward the bridges over the Mattawa River. Turn left onto Mattawan Street just before you reach the first bridge. This street runs alongside the river.                                                                                                                                                      

Rutherglen Park is open year round. It has playground equipment, a beautiful natural picnic area, a small baseball diamond for children to play and an outdoor skating rink (heated building).

The park is located at the corner of Trunk Road and Park Street in Rutherglen.