Mattawa Museum 

An impressive collection of artifacts from Mattawa's storied past
Spring, Summer, Fall
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Nestled on Explorer's Point, this beautiful red pine structure hewed out of the wood that made the Ottawa Valley prosper was established in 1984. It is located at the junction of the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers. This confluence has meant that the site has held a strategic and important position for the people who have travelled this historic waterway.

Inside explore displays on the regions; fur trade, logging and agricultural past, as well as features on prominent characters in Mattawa's History. Explorers from Samuel de Champlain to Pierre La Verendrye rested on the very spot where our museum is situated before pushing onwards to Lake Nipissing and the interior of Canada. In 1837, it was also the site of the Mattawa House, a seven building Hudson Bay Post. The site's rich history adds life and colour to the artefacts and exhibits held within.


  • Open daily from July to September
  • Open weekends only, May, June, October & November
  • Closed during winter months - but available for special tours all year.