Clermont Duval Art Gallery 

One of the most accomplished artists of the north invites you into his studio
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Clermont Duval Art Gallery

313 Main St, Mattawa, ON P0H 1V0
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Clermont Duval is an Northern Ontario artist and author living in the village of Mattawa and the Clermont Duval Art Gallery exhibits his original paintings, reproductions and books.

Clermont Duval has been an artist all his life. As a child he was always fascinated by drawings and what could be done with a simple pencil on any surface.
He could create stories, action scenes and make anything he wanted, apeared on a white piece of paper. Pencil and paper became creative tools, ink drawings followed and of course, brushes, oil paint and canvas were next.
With colors, the magic could be push beyond the border of reality.

His creations are facinating, intriguing, unique and mesmorizing - Visit Clermont at his Galley on Main Street in Downtown Mattawa today! 


Going Nomadic "And then he came out.  The artist.  From the second he opened his mouth we were spellbound.  This humble looking man, with a beautiful French accent, invited us into his shop, into his world, and into the stories he depicts in such detail in his work."

Going Nomadic "we began to learn that a single painting did not have a single story; that a series of seemingly different painting were actually continuations of a single, longer, multi-generational story and that sometimes spanned 3 or 4 paintings.  Seeing just one painting was only part of these magical, mystical tales, that were so mesmerizing I was convinced they were actually traditional native tales.  And then I learned that they are not, and that all the stories were created from the mind of a single man, Clermont Duval."

Read about Going Nomadic's experience at the Clermont Duval Art Gallery Here

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