Cedar Gables Lodge 

Lodge style, with peaceful, relaxing rooms with a separate entrance and private bath
Year Round
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A Lodge type atmosphere in a quiet, picturesque country setting, Peaceful relaxing rooms with a separate entrance and private bath. Ample safe parking for your motorcycle or snowmobile, RV parking with hydro.

Vicki Gray - Motoress Article  "After a delicious homemade veggie stir fry, a cold beer and conversations which generally only occur between old friends, I climbed into the high, four poster bed and fell fast asleep to the serenade of the Cedar Gables own cricket orchestra."

Scott - KLiM Technical Riding Gear  "What amazed me was the quality of the whole experience. From the hospitality, to the trail network to the local people's attitudes about sledding and the outdoors; it was a pleasure to be there and participate in the sport.The trail network was sweet, and seemed to be designed with safety in mind to allow the biggest spread of rider types to enjoy it. I would like to say this about the people in Northern Ontario, which I saw coined on a bumper sticker;The higher the latitude, the greater the attitude."

Jess Kline - It's Worth the Drive " I find myself looking at the pictures from this trip, reliving the experience, and looking at my vacation schedule to see when I can return. The thing is, it’s not just a trip; it’s an experience, an adventure, and it’s definitely worth the drive."   &  That weekend, I was thrilled to return to Cedar Gables Lodge. I had stayed there during my last adventure to Bonfield in the winter, and I couldn’t believe how different it looked. The soft white snow had been replaced with luscious green grass and beautiful flower beds."

 Rick & Marni Article    "Once we pulled into the well-ploughed driveway, we couldn't help but notice the ample parking, fit for the biggest of tow rigs. After the grand tour of their stunning lodge and the warm and inviting rooms, Joanne and Darcy made sure that our group was comfortable, assuring us that they were at our beck and call should we need anything"

  • Features: Safe Parking for motorcycles, snowmobile, RV parking with hydro
  • On-Site Amenities: WIFI, Indoor Parking for snowmobiles / motorcycles
  • Snowmobile Trail BF201 on Property