Trip Idea: ATVing in Voyageur Country 

General information on ATVing in Voyageur Country
Spring, Summer, Fall
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Explore some of Eastern Canada's most impressive terrain. ATV trails range from relatively smooth and wide gravel roads, to the most technical rock filled, mud clogged trails you can think of. Trails start from the Town of Mattawan Ontario or Bonfield Ontario - both ATV friendly towns with many great accommodation and dining options. The trailhead in Mattawan, is accessible from your accommodation's doorstep. Ride from there, or from one of three trailheads along Hwy 533 where you will enter a vast wilderness dotted with scenic lakes, breathtaking vistas and world class trails. Whether you are looking for a leisurely ride or to push your limts there is a trail for you. Popular destinations along the trails include the Bird's Eye View lookout, Boulter View, Devils Canyon, the Redbridge Bluffs, Kearney Lake and the infamous Mica Mine.

ATV Fanatic - Mark Hamerton - Just when they thought they had seen it all, they rounded a corner on this hot sunny day and suddenly felt some very cold air. Behold: the abandoned mica mine, deep in the forest; now they understood why the trail had been sparkling for the last ten minutes: there was mica everywhere! The mine was exhilarating. "

Rex Wood - Rex4x4 - Staff is fantastic, food is amazing, I've got an enduro i'd love to bring out here, I plan to do alift on my truck and bring that our here too!"

Mark Freeman - ATV'ing in Mattawa" These are pretty much snowmobile trails, you can go for a 100 miles, I'd lrecommend people with ATV's to come up here and hit the trails! I like the sand sections!"

Litmmpro - Graham Adams "It started when i was about 5 years old, i met alot of friends, I find that the VMUTS trails are some of the best trails that i've ridden, you have a little bit everything"

What A Ride - Staff Writer "At What A Ride we are always exploring new rides, new areas, and new experiences. The Mattawa-Bonfiled areadelivers each and every time in a new way we never thought possible. The riding experience is second to none, the diversity of motorsports activities is unparalleled and local businesses like Cedar Gables LodgeLe Voyageur Inn,Mattawa Adventure CampMattawa Golf and Ski Resort and Valois Hotel welcome you with a smile and are always eager to ask “how was your ride today?” 

Lucrestyle - Jeff McGirr Spring in Full Swing, Bonfield ATV Rally  "After leaving Clear Lake we rode into some of the thickest forest within the Boulter Conservation Area, the trails tightened up and the ride became more technical. One section of the trail held a deep mud hole which challenged both rider and machine."

 - Confessions of a First Time ATV Rider: Mattawa Voyageur Multi Use Trails - "For the first time ATV rider, this trail system is perfect. It allows you the opportunity to get comfortable with the bike on sandy, flat terrain, and challenges you with some rocky, rugged terrain, while allowing you to let loose and have fun with large puddles and mud holes."

Mike Jacobs - What A Ride  "I’ve spent enough time in the bush (see my 60-day epic road trip across Ontario at to know a truly epic ride when I see one, and the hydro line trail is the kind of riding that makes every moment feel like you’re in a movie. Most of the time, especially in such a heavily forested part ofOntario, you don’t get to see the scope of the terrain you’re riding on. The hydro line trail changes all of that. 

Eric McSweeney - Ontario Federation of Trail Riders "The culture and heritage of this area is so signifcant in the development of Canada's history" 

Glenn Draper  VMUTS Volunteer  "The VMUTS trail system distingushes itself because its a very diversified type of trail system" "We have lots of lakes and rivers for fishing or swimming, but that trails are the main attraction..if they bring their ATV, SidexSide, horse or dirt bike we have a trail for them"

Ken Hoeverman - OFTR Article  "the riding here is pleasently pleasureable, in fact riders will have enough victories on the trails to raise their level of excitment and have some fun"